Bubble Blaze




Remember Puzzle Bobble? It's back, and with more dragons!


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Bubble Blaze is a casual game in the purest Puzzle Bobble style where you can also control dragons ... although this time they're a little bit bigger and they're pissed off because some evil gentlemen stole their precious dragon eggs.

Bubble Blaze's gameplay is one you just might be familiar with: you have to launch colorful bubbles from the bottom part of the screen to try to pop all the colorful bubbles in the level. The more bubbles you pop with just one shot, the more points you'll get.

Bubble Blaze has a total of 180 levels and three different game modes. However, in all of them, the gameplay is practically identical: you launch bubbles to try to wipe out the entire level. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of challenging your friends, you can enjoy the game much more.

Bubble Blaze is a super entertaining casual game with very pretty and colorful graphics. One of those titles that everyone can enjoy, from little ones to the elderly.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher

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